No Name Promotions

Upcoming Events: TBC

No Name Promotions is a promoter of DIY not-for-profit live music events in Kent, run by members of Hands Up.

We are aiming to boost the profile of under-represented groups and raise money for local charities.

At No Name shows; Everyone is Welcome, Everything is Alright!

Our Friends

Meet The Team

No Name Promotions is run by Jim, Rob and Ben. We are as accessible as possible and are happy to be contacted about any matters relating to our shows. Our email address is


We are looking to give opportunities wherever possible. Please get in touch if you have an interest in performing, designing artwork, stage managing, sound engineering or anything else you feel could contribute to the events we promote. We are a community focused project that wants to help young people find a way into the local live music scene, so please be in touch!

Our Shows

Everything Is Alright #3

Oh Amy, Don’t Hate Me! #2

Oh Amy, Don’t Hate Me! #1

Everything is Alright #2

Everything is Alright #1

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